Brilliant Interior Design consistent Business Success.

Essential Coaching for Ensuring Interior Design Business Success 

Don’t let your interior design business suffer – hone your skills with our essential strategies! Subscribe to this podcast to stay one step ahead of the competition and make sure you succeed.

If you’re looking for ways to ensure success for your interior design business, look no further. In this podcast, we’ll provide you with essential strategies to help you maximize customer satisfaction, develop best practices that set you apart from the competition, and grow your business into a profitable venture.

 You’ll discover how to :

  • Determine Client Demographics and Needs,
  • How to Qualify a Prospect,
  • How to have a successful initial meeting and  
  • Develop a High Quality Consulting and Presentation Techniques. 
  • Build a stellar Relationship with clients, that get you repeat business and referrals. How to find trustworthy vendors and partners.
  • And most importantly, be comfortable in your value, services and pricing. 

Your hosts Kim and Tiffany Nguyen have worked in Southern California Remodel and Design industry for over 35 years. Subscribe and tune in weekly to ensure your interior design business succeeds.



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